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Hedley Corp

givin'r all we got

The Corporation of Hedley
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Qualifications Needed To Join The Corporation:
1. You must love Hedley.
2. You must have a LJ.

Hedley is:

Chris Crippin: drums
Jacob Hoggard: lead vocals
Tom MacDonald: bass
Dave Rosin: guitar

And if you wanna hear the voice inside the man, check out Jacob's blog and post your reactions here!

Mini (Original) Band Bio

Originally named anvilBrigade until a May 2003 road trip set their sights on a little town called Hedley (pop 64) in British Columbia. They're proud of their musical versatility and ability to "mix it up." A local favourite around BC's lower mainland, Hedley is garnering a lot of attention via Jacob's stint on season 2 of Canadian Idol. He now owes each band member $50 for making it into the Top Ten.



5. Respect one another. Opinions are welcomed but please no bashing someone's right to their own thoughts on something. Disagree maturely.

4. No Teenie Type. Even if you are 15 you can type out full words. Or at least, attempt to. We aren't gonna freak out if you add a smiley here and there or a heart in your sentences, but be reasonable. If you need to write I LiK <3 JaCOb and HeDley LiK So Much, 4 Tru! go post on the Idol forum, or as we like to call it the Idol JJB.

3. Can you post photos here? Hell yeah! Encouraged! We love eye-candy but respect people with slow connections. Use the LJ Cut if posting more than one photo. Also please respect bandwidth! Use places like photobucket or tinypic to upload images. We will delete posts that don't do this!

2. Use the cut-tag for anything that could be considered a spoiler. This mostly concerns TV shows, but if you think someone may not want to know something you do, stick it behind the cut. It'll save you and us a lot of heartache down the line.

1. Most important rule : HAVE FUN! This is about Hedley and anything you want to discuss regarding the band members, the music, your experiences, hopes, debates, opinions and all things HEDLEY. Afterall we are the hedleycorp...ready to spread Hedley across the globe. \m/

Any questions or concerns about the Hedley Corp Community & its contents can be directed to one (or both) of the Maintainers/Moderators.

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